I try not to blog unless what I am trying to convey could be interesting and cannot be found elsewhere. It is often about art (inspired by La Fée Culturelle) and often about looking at something very familiar at an unusual angle. It is not meant to be taken too seriously, just something to read over a coffee.

I have no professional knowledge of the subjects I write about, so please doubt, correct me if I am wrong, and leave your comments!

English is my third language, and this shows. Please let me know if you find any such issues.

Have fun!


WordPress Setup

This is a WordPress website hosted at Bluehost.com.

I use Pinboard theme, see onedesigns.com for further details. I wanted to customise it a little, so I had created a child theme using this tutorial. I use Filezilla to manipulate my child theme files. I am using Google Analytics; to enable it, I have installed this WordPress plugin.

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